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License FAQ

  • How is XtreemPoint delivered?
    XtreemPoint is delivered electronically. The setup program can be downloaded from this site and the license key is delivered by email as soon as your order is processed. You can also download the license key directly from the final page of the shopping cart after your credit card payment as been processed.
  • Does XtreemPoint work on mobile phone and tablets?
    Yes, You can download Xtreempoint App from Google Play.
  • Will I get a receipt for my order?
    Yes, you will receive a receipt by email as soon as your online order is processed.
  • What’s Single user license?
    Installation of the program purchased under a Single-User License is restricted to one single personal computer owned by or under control of the licensee . Sharing this program with other individuals, or allowing other individuals to view the contents of this program, is in violation of this license. You may not make the program available on a network, or in any way provide the program to multiple users.
  • Is that mean I can’t run the software on another computer?
    Yes, if you ordered single user license then you can only run the software on one machine. However if you changed or upgraded your PC and the license didn’t work Please contact us and we will send new license to you. .
  • How is support provided?
    Support is provided by email, We will usually be able to respond to your emails within an hour.
  • Do I need internet access to activate XtreemPoint?
    Yes, you must be connected to the internet during activation, it’s important if you use firewall that you allow XtreemPoint full access to internet otherwise the activation will fail.
  • What are the minimum system requirement to run XtreemPoint Desktop?
    2GB RAM
    Windows 7 or later.
    OS X 10.8 or higher
    Internet Connection. (at least 1mb internet speed)
  • What Machine ID mean?
    Your Machine ID is a unique identification number XtreemPoint generate based on properties of your computer, Once the license is activated, the license key will be locked and only work with your Machine ID,Please keep the license information in case you need to activate the license on the specified computer later.
  • Can I re-install XtreemPoint on the same machine?
    Yes. you may install the software any number of times on one machine.

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